Information for Condominium Owners

Since the association purchases insurance coverage on your condominium building, your coverage focuses on personal property within your living quarters. Our policy provides some building coverage up to the limit specified on a replacement cost basis and insures items in four categories:

  1. Alterations and improvements – your built-in cabinets, book shelves, appliances and interior partitioning are ideal examples
  2. Property exclusive to your residence – such as upgraded doors or safety locks
  3. Common areas – if your association by-laws require you to insure outside your residence, such as a portion of your hallway floors or stairs, you are protected by your dwelling coverage
  4. Structures you own – a private garage or storage shed located in another part of your building complex

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Personal Property

Your personal belongings and those of family members residing with you are insured on an actual cash value basis up to the limit you select. These items are covered in your home, in transit, in storage anywhere in the world.

Loss Assessment
If your activity center, swimming pool, golf course or other community grounds or buildings suffer damage, you have $1,000 coverage to help pay your share for repairs.

Liability Coverage
If you are ever faced with a claim for injuring others or damaging others’ property, this coverage pays up to your liability limit for damages awarded to the “injured” party and also the cost of defending you, even if the suit is groundless.

Medical Payments
“Goodwill” coverage up to $1,000. For anyone, who is accidentally injured on your property, whether or not you caused the injury. Also covered are medical expenses for anyone injured off your premises if you are liable (other than a family member who resides with you.)

Additional Coverage Options

Property – such as jewelry, furs, fine arts, silver, personal computers and sports equipment may be scheduled for additional protection.
Home Day Care Coverage
In-Home Business
Pleasure Boat
Earthquakes and Floods
Available Discounts – purchasing auto and home policies from the same company.
Deductible Credits
Anti theft Devices and Alarm Services

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