Golf & Country Clubs Program

Fun for guests and profitable for owners, golf courses, and country clubs is easily a billion-dollar industry thanks to its ability to combine alcohol with entertainment.  But for owners, the marriage between the two does not come without associated risks; the most dangerous of them all being ones you cannot see or touch. At H&K insurance, we examine and make recommendations based on the whole picture rather than just looking at bits and pieces.

Golf Carts

One night, an intoxicated patron crosses a public road to get to the next hole on the course. He hits the golf cart into a car he did not see coming. While both the club itself and patron are covered, the driver of the vehicle can sue the club under their liquor liability policy.

Wine and Dine

Your country club features a cash bar that’s heavily populated on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. One of your patrons leaves the bar as lucid as could be and commits vehicular manslaughter on the way home. The victim’s family holds your restaurant liable and seeks $5,000,000 in restitution.  As the owner, this amount can easily cause your country club to go bankrupt, but with the proper coverage in place, you can rise above the storm.

Plants and Critters

Your landscaping employees sprayed a well-known pesticide on the golf course to prevent and eliminate the growth of weeds. Shortly after, a family comes to golf on the newly treated course. A few weeks after that event a claim gets filed stating that the chemicals you sprayed were toxic and caused one of their children to become critically ill. The judge deems you liable and orders you to pay $1,000,000 in medical costs and restitution to the victim’s family.

What Sets Us Apart

Our client contract takes you through a consultative six step planning process focused on your individual restaurant needs. We do this by creating, executing and monitoring an asset protection plan for exposures that are tangible and intangible.


The Country Club Matchmaker

Brian Kilcoyne marries golf and country club owners with custom policies all throughout the Greater Boston Area. He prides himself in protecting your assets just as much as he takes pride in watching his son do battle on the wrestling mat and skiing with his family. No matter if he’s in front of a client or atop a mountain, Brian puts forth his best effort in everything he does.