Condo Associations

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H&K Insurance offers condo associations across Massachusetts and New England a reliable source for insurance insights and representation.  At H&K, we believe that it is critically important to plan ahead and have the right disaster recovery program already in place should a loss occur. We specialize in developing programs that will provide your condo association with the customized, comprehensive coverage it deserves. Our specialists will educate you and present all options. Give us a call at 617-924-5600.

Informational Articles


As a unit owner, do I need my own policy?

Yes. You need a unit owner’s policy, or HO6, policy. Your coverage requirements will depend on the association’s master insurance, as well as your condo bylaws.

Why do I need improvements and betterments?

Without this particular coverage, the claims process is much more complicated, and may leave you with outdated less valuable fixtures in your condo.

How do I determine if my building is properly insured?

There are many factors that go into an insurance valuation. Type of construction, location cost of living, size of building… There is no formula set in stone, it is recommended to reevaluate the value every couple of years.

Why do we need Directors and Officers Coverage?

As an officer of an association, you may be personally named in a lawsuit brought against the association, D&O Coverage will cover you for decisions you have made as a member of the Board of Directors.

Do I live in a condo association or a townhouse?

If you live in MA, it’s most likely you live in a condo association. The main difference lies in ownership of the land as well as the unit. Condo owners generally do not own any land, only the unit they live in. Townhouse owners own the land their unit lies on.