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Helpful steps to ease your car-buying experience

  1. Massachusetts is a “title” State. You must have a signed title to register a car.
  2. Call before you put your plates on any car. In some cases, you may have a “registry grace” period.
  3. If you have a car loan you must carry Collision and Comprehensive.
  4. The state requires a safety inspection (window sticker) within seven days.

“Summary Statements”

Summary Statements are offered as general knowledge to assist you in selecting coverages. There are many provisions and limitations that apply to coverages.

Part 1: Bodily Injury To Others
Injuries you cause to people not in your auto.

Part 2: Personal Injury Protection
Covers you, anyone else in your car, and pedestrians, regardless of fault, for medical expenses covering 75% (or up to $8,000) of lost wages replacement services. NOTE: Excludes people on motorcycles.

Part 3: Bodily Injury Uninsured Auto
Your injuries caused by an uninsured auto.

Part 4: Property Damage
Damage you cause to someone else’s property.

Part 5: Optional Bodily Injury To Others
Extends your coverage out-of-state and allows passengers to be covered under Part 1. (See information Part 5 ON LIMITS)

Part 6: Medical Payments
Covers you and anyone else in your car for medical payments, regardless of fault.

Part 7. Collision
Covers damage to your car regardless of fault and subject to the deductible.

Waiver of Deductible: If you are 50% or less at fault and can identify the other party, your deductible will be waived.

Part 8: Limited Collision
Damage to your car subject to the deductible ONLY IF you are 50% or less at fault and can identify the other party. The deductible may be reduced to “0.”

Part 9: Comprehensive
Damage to your car other than by collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, and glass breakage. NOTE: In most cases, the deductible applies except to glass.

Part 10: Substitute Transportation
If you cannot drive your car due to a “covered” loss, you are eligible for the reimbursement of the cost of substitute transportation.

Part 11: Towing And Labor
Not for repair parts.

Part 12: Bodily Injury Underinsured Auto
Your injuries caused by an UNDER-insured auto.


  • Low mileage – Driving less than 7500 miles or less than 5000 miles.
  • Multi Car or Policies – Insuring more than one car in the same company can produce a 5% discount (under certain situations depending on Class) on the collision. Many companies are also offering a substantial credit if they also write your home insurance.
  • Public Transportation Pass – Show evidence of a commuter passes in a transit system, within eleven months of your policy period to receive the discount.
  • Anti Theft – Having a qualified anti-theft device qualifies for a discount on comprehensive coverage, the discount varies by type of device.
  • EFT – Payment by a Bank electronic fund transfer eliminates Finance Charges.
  • Good Student – Requirements for this credit vary by company
  • Student Away at School – This allows young drivers in the house to be listed without paying the full cost of their experience on the policy.

Auto Tips

  • Important: List all who may customarily operate the car. Coverage may be denied if a driver is not listed
  • If you have a Massachusetts Driver’s license less than six years and previously had a license in another State, you may qualify for a higher safer driver credit.
  • Waiver of Collision, the deductible will be waived with an at fault identifiable other driver
  • If you rent a substitute car in the U. S. your auto policy provides coverage’s as if it were your car. Deductible still applies.
  • Clothing and other personal property in your car is not covered by your auto policy
  • If you have a pickup truck with a cap and or a snowplow and wish to have them covered for comprehensive please call us. Coverage can be added at an additional cost.
  • If you have a cd player, or other sound reproducing equipment in your car, not installed by the manufacturer they are not covered. Coverage can be added at an additional cost
  • Substitute Transportation, $45 per day the most asked for coverage after an auto claim
  • If the car value is less than $1,000 or older consider the savings of Limited Collision.
  • Underinsured or Uninsured Bodily Injury coverage at $100,000/300,000 per person/accident is recommended by most attorneys

If you go to Canada or Mexico you need to call us for assistance.

  1. These statements are offered as general knowledge to assist you in selecting coverages.
  2. There are many provisions and limitations in your policy that apply to these coverages.
  3. Please call or e-mail us with any questions you may have.

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