Local Spotlight: We All Can Use Some Coaching

H&K Insurance is spotlighting local companies that are working to help people through these times. In this post, we’re spotlighting an on-line life coach service positioned to help professionals in all stages of their career.

Hi, I’m Eric Allen. I am a behavior specialist and life coach. I have been helping people online and in-person using evidence-based techniques for over 10 years. My unique perspective lifts people from functional to optimal. In challenging times like these, sometimes we all need a coach to get us focused, motivated or clear on our path forward. That’s where my unique on-line platform can help; Life coaching with age-specific groups around college students, recent grads, business professionals, young couples, parents, older professionals and those looking to find a new career path and passion in life.

It’s called Koppa Gamma Tau, focused on community and accessibility. Through it you can progress faster and access resources when it best fits your schedule. The small groups are specific to where you are in your life and provides people who are looking for success the resources, network, and tools required to attain that success. With KGT, you can access your life coach – and mingle with a community of like-minded individuals ready to support each other live – for over 40 hours a month at an affordable rate. If you need more specific one-to-one coaching, we can  do that too by scheduling time for you to meet with me.

So what are you waiting for? Come join our community of leaders at Koppa Gamma Tau by visiting us. See you online!

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