Earthquake Insurance

Last month’s earthquake near Gloucester and Marblehead has once again raised the issue of how vulnerable New England is to a repeat occurrence. Here are a couple of facts for you to consider:

• Believe it or not, the Northeast US is earthquake country – while it does not have the high frequency of earthquakes of California, the Northeast has experienced damaging earthquakes in the past and they will occur again in the future.
• The Northeast has a long history of earthquakes. From when the Pilgrims felt their first earthquake in 1638 up through a pair of damaging earthquakes (magnitude) that occurred in 1940 near Ossipee, NH. And since 1975 moderate size earthquakes have occurred in Central New Brunswick, central NH, northern NY State and Quebec.

The bottom line is that this area is more susceptible to earthquakes than you might think. And from our standpoint, it is equally important that you know that a standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not provide earthquake coverage. You need a special policy rider to cover damage to your dwelling and possessions should an earthquake occur. If the events of the last month have made you nervous and you would like to learn more about earthquake coverage options, please do not hesitate to give H&K a call at 800-890-5606.

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