Welcome to The H&K Insurance Blog

In an effort to extend our interactive reach, H&K Insurance will be making regular blog posts over the days, weeks and months ahead. They will usually be on insurance-related topics and designed to provide our valued customers with some industry insights or helpful hints. Occasionally, they will address specific local or community-related issues that we believe you should know about. Finally, we will also use the blog as a forum to alert you to upcoming events relating to our 50th Anniversary celebration.

We view our blog as an additional opportunity to enhance the excellent customer service for which H&K Insurance is known. Please feel free to let us know if the information we are providing is helpful to you. Thanks in advance for your attention to our thoughts and observations. We are sure the H&K Insurance Blog will be a big help to you.


H&K Insurance Agency Inc. has served as an independent insurance agency since 1961. We have had the privilege to provide personal and business insurance protection to over 10,000 clients. Our staff is instructed to be your representative in the puzzling and often overwhelming realm of insurance. Our goal is to provide excellent service with professionalism, courtesy, and dedication.

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